Welcome to St. Joseph School!


Welcome to my Alma Mater, which is Latin for "nourishing" and "mother" consecutively.

Fun fact right? Well, it's just one of the thousands facts and figures that I have learned here since I started in Nursery school. Then on to Elementary life, and if we had our great high school program back then too... I'd be spending my whole life here at St. Joseph School and would choose nothing else.


At present, some of my teachers back then are my co-workers now, a symbol of our everlasting relationship which we're strengthened and nurtured since I was their pupil.


I welcome you now to be a part of our family, our school... where we strive to cater to everyone's needs and wants as much as we can. We always  go the extra mile to make sure that we deliver the very best education, the most conducive facilities for learning, and top-notched staff to give you a very stable and successful future.


Come, Visit us, and We will start from there...




Ms. Ma. Kristine Berna M. Banaag

School Directress

Our Philosophy

43 years of Inspiring minds and empowering



We foster a Parent-Child-Educator Partnership Program to boost your child's full potential, starting at your home, nurtured here at school, honed and polished for success.


We strongly believe in the philosophical theory of education, which implies clearly that education precedes development, and, that there can never be development without education. We, therefore, adhere to the philosophical thinking that the existence of a school rests primarily on its social and moral responsibilities of providing and meeting the educational needs, challenges and other requirements with true, genuine and quality knowledge, skills, competences, values, and attitude that make them capable of responding to the needs and challenges of an ever-changing society.



To provide Christian-based education of Academic excellence, relevant and responsive to the ever changing and ever increasing needs of a dynamic Philippine society as well as the wide-reaching global communities


A leading educational institution in the area of basic education geared towards the development and realization of a person with integrity and competence, empowered to attain excellence and imbued with the spirit of love and service to God and fellowmen.

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